With a surface of 2034 km2 and a population which touches the million inhabitants, she is the biggest islands of the Canarian Islands in the Atlantic Ocean; She belongs in Spain and has for capital Santa Cruz De Tenerife. The north of the island is occupied by the massif of Anaga with its primary forest of “laurisilva” and the south is constitued by the foothills of Teide and a rather desert part. The island is 81 km in lenght maximal for 45 of the maximal width.

Latitude 28° 19° N  -  Longitude 16° 34° O

Highlight : The mountain Teide with 3718 metres

The island is worlwide known as that of the eternal spring, because its geographical position in fact a place protected from the extreme temperature variations and the climate is thus tropical and pleasant all the year with an annual average about 22°c. This is also due to our position close to Africa and trade winds of the northeast.....

Tourist Place

Las Galletas

Los Christianos

La Caleta


Playa Paraiso

Callao Salvaje



Le Teide

Los Gigantes


Punto de Teno


Icod de los Vinos

Puerto de la Cruz

La Orotava

La Esperanza



Punta del Hidalgo


Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Plage de Las Teresitas


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